Security Review

We help you secure your application before it's too late

Wouldn't it be easier if to secure your application you could simply install a library or an application such as a firewall? Unfortunately, defending against security issues requires in depth knowledge of the techniques and technologies used. This is a time consuming and ever evolving task but is required to protect your application.

In our security audits, we assess your entire source code and propose improvements that you can potentially make. We also analyse your application with custom tools. The result is a color-coded report for the management and a detailed technical report. Because we're experts in Ruby and Javascript web applications, this will uncover problems specific to the technologies you use and not a generic review for irrelevant vulnerabilities. This is ideal when you're unsure about the current security of your application or you're looking for a second opinion.


We'll provide you with a clear report of our review with our findings and recommendations.

Security review (up-to 8k LoC)

$ 4,490


£ 2,990


3,950 €


Upon completion of the review, we can also implement our recommendations or remediation for any security vulnerability we find.

Half-day implementation

$ 395


£ 249


349 €


All prices exclude VAT and sales tax.

  • In-depth review
  • Source code analysis
  • Clear report with priorities
  • Implement fixes