Prototype & Proof of Concept

We transform your idea into a ready-to-use Ruby on Rails application

We build the first version of your web application idea and requirements. With this first version, we can produce a prototype, proof of concept or Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

This quickly delivers value to your customers and we can integrate their feedback along with yours in each iteration. Quicker development time also keeps your costs as low as possible.

We favour the use of an agile development methodology to create the application. An agile process often delivers the best value for the project. It offers transparency and incremental deliveries that can be adapted to the evolving need of your business. Your organisation is in control and we adapt to your needs.


We'll build a Ruby on Rails web or mobile application with a feature set discussed and agreed in advance. The process will include two rounds of feedback to adjust the agreed features. If you require additional features, the agreement can be extended for defined period or on daily basis at an hourly development rate. We develop a system that can grow with your business.

Please contact us for a detailed quote for your project.

All prices exclude VAT and sales tax.

  • Quick iterations of the application
  • Integrate client feedback
  • Transparent process and cost
  • Modern Ruby on Rails web application