We maintain your application so you can focus on your business

As applications get older, tests progressively stop passing, dependencies changes, libraries get out of date and new security vulnerabilities are found. You need someone to maintain the application, fix the odd bugs and make the small changes that are required from time to time. These tasks might not take enough time to justify a full-time developer, but still need to be done to keep your application productive. We have a service offer exactly for this situation.

Each month, for a small fixed cost we will:

  • Keep your code working
  • Update your application when necessary
  • Fix small bugs that you report
  • Improve and update your application with small changes you request
  • Update your third-party dependencies to public APIs
  • Scan your code for new security vulnerabilities
  • Ensure that all your automated tests pass

We define small bugs and small changes as less than 4-hour of work and we will let you prioritise them in the backlog of tasks for the month. At the end of each, we will send you a clear report of all the tasks completed.


We maintain your application by keeping its dependencies working and up-to-date, fixing the small bugs you report and the small changes you request. There is no lock-in. The agreement can be cancelled at anytime.

One-month maintenance

$ 3,950


£ 2,490


3,490 €


All prices exclude VAT and sales tax.

  • Keep the application working with third-party API
  • Keep libraries updated
  • Run automated tests
  • Scan for security vulnerability
  • Fix small bugs
  • Include small modifications
  • No Lock-in or long-term contract