Emergency Support

For emergencies only

Experiencing a critical issue? We offer quick-reaction support for emergencies that can be on-site with your team as soon as the next day or available remotely within hours.

We can help you track down a complex performance issue or fix the bug crash your application.


We'll drop everything and work on fixing or mitigating the critical issue you're experiencing. We charge on a one-week one-developer basis. Given the criticality of the issue, it will take some time to resolve but it is unlikely to take more than a week if it is an emergency.

Remote emergency support

$ 5,950


£ 4,000


5,490 €


On-site emergency support

$ 7,490


£ 5,000


6,490 €


On-site support excludes transportation and accommodations.

All prices exclude VAT and sales tax.

  • Emergency support
  • Quick response
  • On-site or remote
  • Fix or mitigate critical issue