Our Services

Building and maintaining reliable, scalable and secure web applications

We are web application and website experts. We have experience with common web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Our focus is on reliable, scalable and secure applications.

Proof of Concept & Prototype

We transform your idea into a working prototype or proof of concept. We build your ready-to-use Ruby on Rails application from scratch in quick iterations while integrating your feedback along the way.

Let's build your idea

Custom-Made Development

We build a cusom-made application to meet your unique business requirements. We can develop ecommerce, asset-management, intranet or user-management applications with custom workflow.

Develop an application

Expert Consultancy

You can't be an expert in everything. That's why we're here. We're experts in web application delivery, maintenance and security. We offer specialised consulting on web application development with Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

Get outside expertise

Security Review

Create a security vulnerability is an easy mistake. Defending against it is hard. Firewalls and automated tools often don't have necessary understanding of the application and technologies it uses. We use custom tools tailored for the technologies you use and we review your source code in depth.

Secure your application


As projects get older, tests stop passing, dependencies changes, libraries get out of date and new security vulnerability are found. You need someone to maintain the code, fix the odd bugs and make the small changes that are required from time to time. We have a service offer exactly for this situation.

Keep up-to-date

Do you need something custom? We're flexible if we're a good fit for the work. Please contact us.

How we work

  1. Contact Contact us by email at hello@zircode.com and introduce yourself and your organisation.
  2. Assessment Based on a no-charge, we contact you to get a better idea of your project and requirements.
  3. Proposal If we're a good fit, we provide you with a proposal for the type of services you need including the cost and provisional schedule.
  4. Agreement We sign an agreement detailing the service, the scope of work and budget for the project.
  5. Work Once we agree on a start date, we start working on delivering our service while keeping you informed.
  6. Delivery That's it!

You have access to all the code and deliverables we write as we write them. If for whatever reason and however unlikely you're unhappy with our service, you can walk away at any point, taking all deliverables with you. You can also cancel our agreements at any time. No long-term contract. No lock-in clause.

Experiencing a critical issue? We offer quick reaction support for emergencies that can be on-site with your team as soon as the next day or available remotely within hours.

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